What is PlaceConnect?

PlaceConnect is designed to support you to deliver coordinated and resilient infrastructure to support liveable communities and economic development. It does this by facilitating collaboration with cross-sector organisations to plan, prioritise, and sequence infrastructure aligned with regional priorities.

The four pathways to better infrastructure

Connect, interact and access relevant information on collaborative planning of, and investment in, social infrastructure.

Within the overall site, PlaceConnect is a dedicated space for social infrastructure professionals to connect, interact and access relevant information on collaborative planning and investment.

Identify opportunities to embed more collaborative approaches into infrastructure optioneering and delivery within the Infrastructure Industry Coordination Committee.

For members of the IISC only.

A forum for Queensland Government agencies to share information on infrastructure projects and initiatives.

SIWG is organised by the Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning.

Information and resources for assessment, analysis and development of infrastructure proposals.


This first iteration of PlaceConnect was delivered by the Social Infrastructure Strategy team. It was developed during 22/23 through a co-design approach with stakeholders, led by consultant Folk PTY LTD. Future iterations will be informed by your feedback.

About the Department

The Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning is thinking ahead and acting now to secure responsible economic development and liveable communities. We’re the economic development department, relied upon to work with industry, the community and researchers to bring about and sequence the big economic shifts. We live in a community, not just an economy. Securing our liveability while we develop our economy is challenging, but essential.

About Infrastructure and Regional Strategy

The Infrastructure and Regional Strategy (IRS) business group leads a coordinated, collaborative and strategic approach to the economic and social prosperity of Queenslanders. It does this through whole-of-government policy and economic strategy and a clear vision for infrastructure and sustainable economic development at regional and state levels.

About the Social Infrastructure Strategy Team

The Social Infrastructure Strategy team is responsible for managing the PlaceConnect site and coordinating engagement. We develop strategies to harness collaborative and innovative approaches in the planning, investment and delivery of infrastructure for social services. We work cross-sector to support our partner agencies and key stakeholders to deliver on these strategies.